Man Drove from Connecticut to Florida to Kill GF, Caught Chasing Her with Gun

Bodycam footage from Flager County, Florida, shows cops arrest a man chasing his girlfriend down, intending to kill her.

Aaron Thayer, 39, drove from Connecticut to Flager County a day after sending his girlfriend multiple threatening messages. The woman alerted police of her boyfriend’s impending arrival and produced the messages showing Thayer say things like, “Imma kill you,” and “I hope you die.”

The next day, police received a call from the woman claiming Thayer was trying to break into her home. Deputies nearby were called to the scene, where they found the woman fleeing with Thayer in pursuit, armed with a loaded handgun.

“Deputies protected the victim by having her hide behind their patrol car and confronted Thayer and attempted to take him into custody,” said the sheriff’s office. “However, Thayer was not compliant and was tased.”

“The Easter bunny came early for the victim called Deputy’s Jen Prevatt and Ed Faircloth,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “This guy told the victim he was going to kill her and less than 24 hours later he had driven all night and was at her door to kill her.”

Thayer was charged with written threats to kill, attempted premeditated murder with a firearm, possession of a firearm/ammunition by a convicted felon, and resisting arrest without violence.


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