Man Arrested for Taking Son on Paintball ‘Drive-By,’ Son Was Shot with Real Gun

According to reports, a Florida man was arrested after police say he took his son, 10, on a “paintball drive-by.”

Authorities say the boy asked his father to take him to the specific location where the incident occurred and his dad, Michael Williams, 26, agreed to the request. When they arrived, the boy reportedly slid the side door to the van his father was driving and opened fire. As the boy fired his paintball gun, those gathered in the yard of Gregory Barns scattered.

Barns told police he believed his house was under attack, which prompted him to return fire with live ammunition. When Barns returned fire, Williams attempted to speed off while the side door to the van was still open. Williams’s son subsequently fell out of the van onto the street. A witness told authorities that the boy’s legs were caught underneath the van’s rear tires.

Williams’s son was taken to a local hospital but his condition has not yet been released. Williams now faces one count of child neglect with great bodily harm.


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