Man Arrested for Firing 16 Shots into Homes of Neighbors, Shot at Police

According to reports, a West Virginia man was arrested on multiple charges after firing 16 shots into the homes of his neighbors as well as shooting at law enforcement.

Andrew Hicks appeared pleased when pictured by Williamson Police on Wednesday following his arrest. The Williamson Police Department shared that Hicks was charged with four counts of attempted murder, 10 counts of shooting within 500 feet of a dwelling, over a dozen counts of wanton endangerment, in addition to weapons charges and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Authorities say Hicks was standing on his porch as he fired into the homes of his neighbors on Wednesday morning. When cops arrived on the scene, Hicks reportedly fired several shots at the officers. The police managed to deescalate the situation and avoided using lethal force despite Hicks outwardly expressing his desire to harm cops and wanting authorities to shoot him.


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