Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty Assaults Landlord For Snitching

A man who was arrested and released Thursday, after having nearly two-dozen dogs seized, returned to his home and assaulted his landlord for reporting the illegal breeding operation to the authorities.

Landlord Kennisha Gilbert and her husband were physically assaulted outside of the Brooklyn residence by the tenant, 26-year-old Ravon Service, after he was released from jail. Prior to the incident, Gilbert spent months tagging New York City politicians and authorities in a video she posted on Twitter, showing dozens of Service’s dogs piled into cages along with the damage caused to the residence.

Authorities eventually responded to Gilbert and rescued 20 dogs from Service’s apartment. Service was charged with 20 counts of torturing animals, 20 counts of neglect of impounded animals, one count of criminal mischief, and two counts of acting injuriously to a child due to dog feces leaking through the ceiling into a child’s bedroom. A 27-year-old male named Tafaniel Michaud was also charged with criminal mischief.

Following his release from jail, Service reportedly returned to the residence with three others and assaulted 40-year-old Gilbert and her 48-year-old husband. Animal rights advocate Rob Becerra shared a Facebook post detailing the events and claimed the police did not protect Gilbert and her husband despite their fears of retaliation.

“Ive been working with Kennisha Gilbert for the last few months and Last night her and her husband were brutally beaten 10 hours after the NYPD/ASPCA picked up the dogs with a warrant,” Becerra wrote. “The Abuser was released and waited for them to come home. The abuser brought his brothers and mother to join in on the gang assault. They waited at the steps. A patrol unit was there when Kennisha arrived home from work, as Mrs. Gilbert asked for the unit to stay they did not and took off. She feared retailiation and as soon as they were half way down the block the gang attacked.”

The NYPD confirmed Service and his co-defendant were released after receiving their charges. Later, the authorities responded to an “illegal eviction” call after Gilbert reportedly changed the locks to Service’s apartment. After she agreed to let the tenant in, police returned again after the alleged assault took place.

On Twitter Gilbert, an OB-GYN physician, identified her and her husband’s attackers as Ravon Service, Kim Richardson, Trevor Evelyn, and Kiamal Evelyn. She also described her and her husband’s injuries and claimed she was left with a busted lip and was whipped with a windshield wiper broken from her car, causing her to receive stitches. Her husband suffered a fractured rib and facial contusions.

“To be beaten and bloodied on your own property without provocation. Police left without letting me speak to them, I heard ‘where my dogs at?’ And the punches began, after the sons were done the mother finished, I hope the 911 tape is released! @NYPD67Pct @BrooklynDA,” Gilbert wrote on Twitter.

Service has been arrested and charged with assault, menacing, and harassment. The three other individuals have been taken into custody and are facing assault charges.

Look above for images of the animal abuse and Kennisha Gilbert’s injuries.

Source: NY Daily News

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