Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting 14-Year-Old ‘Doorbell Ditch’ Prankster

A Long Island man was recently arrested after he allegedly shot a teen prankster who rang his doorbell in an innocent game of “ding-dong ditch” or “doorbell ditch.”

James Moshier, 64, was charged with assault and recklessly injuring a child with a deadly weapon after allegedly shooting the teen in the arm. Police say the teen knocked on Moshier’s door several times the night of the shooting causing the woman of the residence to believe they were being burglarized. She then woke Moshier who subsequently fired his shotgun at the boy.

Per NY Post:

Several other teens who were at a sleepover with the shooting victim told the cable outlet he and another friend were bored and had picked a random home in the neighborhood to doorbell ditch. “Sometimes what we think are harmless pranks turn into major incidents,” Southold Police Capt. James Ginas reportedly said, urging people to “be smart.”


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