Man Allegedly Stabbed Woman Who Wouldn’t Have Sex with Him for $5,000

According to reports, a Florida man was arrested for allegedly stabbing a woman who refused to have sex with him for $5,000.

Authorities say the victim is a co-worker of the suspect, Rene Laso, 55, who showed up at a bar where the victim and her boyfriend were at around 1:30 AM Monday. Police say the victim recounted being harassed by Laso at work and having the man propositioned her for sex in exchange for money on several occasions.

Investigators say the couple decided to confront Laso when he popped up at the bar and went out in the parking lot to settle the dispute. The arrest affidavit states that while outside, Laso admitted to propositioning the woman for sex in exchange for cash and calling her a “$100 hooker.”

Things quickly escalated between Laso and the couple after his admission and became physical. Laso told the couple, “I have a knife, and I’ll cut you.” He proceeded to wound the couple, with the woman sustaining a stab wound to her right arm while her boyfriend suffered injuries on his arms, stomach, and back.

“This case could easily have turned into something much more tragic,” Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Alcohol, arguing and weapons are a recipe for disaster. Thankfully the injuries the victims sustained do not appear life-threatening and we hope they can make a full recovery. I understand all of this started because Laso was looking for a date, well, now he has one – with the judge.”

Laso was formally charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


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