Man Accused of Cannibalism & Microwaving Victim’s Body Parts Deemed Fit For Trial

James David Russell from Bonner County has recently gone viral in wake of a gruesome cannibalism accusation. His competency has been the subject of debate ever since he was declared mentally stable enough to stand trial for the murder of a 70-year-old man named David Flaget.

According to reports, Flaget was working as the groundsman for a Russell family commune where James David Russell was staying during the time of the murder. Investigators have indicated that Russell killed Flaget with blunt force trauma.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this case is what the medical examiners determined. Their studies revealed that Russell removed the flesh from his victim’s outer right thigh, along with his penis, scrotum, and both testicles. They also determined that Rusell microwaved some of Flaget’s flesh with the intention of consuming it for a meal. This theory was confirmed when they found some of Flaget’s DNA in a bowl at Russell’s apartment.

Parts of Flaget’s body were eventually discovered under some trash bags inside Russell’s vehicle at his family’s home in Clark Fort, Idaho back in September. Russell has been charged with first-degree murder and cannibalism for the aforementioned transgressions.

Russell’s hearing on May 17th will be followed by a two-day preliminary hearing that is set for June 13th and 14th. Stay tuned for more on this story.

Source: KHQ

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