Lul Tim Reveals He’s Wearing Colostomy Bag After Being Shot


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Lul Tim, King Von’s alleged shooter, took to Instagram to reveal that he has a colostomy bag. He captioned the post, “In A 💩 💼 But Im Not In No ⚰️#ByMyLonely.”

It’s unclear what led to Lul Tim getting a colostomy bag, which is done when there is an injury to the colon or lower bowels. In some cases, the colostomy is temporary, but Lul Tim didn’t elaborate on the situation.

This comes amid controversy surrounding Lul Tim in the wake of Chicago rapper King Von’s death in Atlanta late last year. Lul Tim, an associate of Quando Rondo, was arrested for Von’s murder while in the hospital being treated for unknown injuries he sustained in a shooting that killed King Von. Lul Tim was released on a $100,000 bond, but no further information has been revealed regarding his case.

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