Louisiana Man Indicted for Plot to Dismember Gay Men, Keep Body Parts

According to reports, a 19-year-old Louisiana man was indicted by a federal grand jury for plotting to murder and dismember a gay man he met on Grindr and keep some of the body parts as trophies.

Chance Seneca is charged with kidnapping two men he met on Grindr over the course of two days in June 2020. Authorities charged Seneca on six counts, including hate crime, kidnapping, firearm, and obstruction charges. The arrest report states Seneca attempted to murder one of the men on the basis of his homosexuality and “intended to dismember and keep parts of the victim’s body as trophies, mementos, and food.”

One of Seneca’s victims, Holden White, 20, spent a month in the hospital recovering in the hospital after being tortured by Seneca. The two met on the Grindr app and Seneca insisted on the two hanging out. Seneca then picked up White and took him to his apartment. According to the Associated Press “White said that Seneca wrapped a cord around his neck so tightly he lost consciousness. When he woke up later, he said he was in a bathtub, and that his wrists had been repeatedly slashed.”

Following the attack, Seneca left White for dead. Investigators say the White kidnapping came just a day after Seneca kidnapped one other man and attempted kidnapping a third, though that was unsuccessful. Acting U.S. Attorney Alexander C. Van Hook for the Western District of Louisiana claimed that “Seneca had a firearm while committing the crimes and later tried to cover up his plans by deleting electronic communications between himself and the victim.”

Seneca could be facing life imprisonment for hate crimes, kidnapping and firearm charges. He is also looking at 20 years for attempted kidnapping and obstruction.

Source: nydailynews.com

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