Lil Yachty Reveals He Has $52,000 in Bills Every Month

Lil Yachty recently made an appearance on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267’s ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ podcast and revealed some shocking news about his monthly expenses.

The rapper spoke about how important it is to have more than one source of income in the entertainment industry and said his bills end up coming out to about $52,000 per month.

At the 1:16:00 mark, Yachty said, “Every month, I got $52,000 in bills. Monthly, you know what I’m saying? And, I have to work … Let’s say I got $13 million in the bank, right? If my overhead is $52,000 every month ’cause of my houses, and my staff, and cars, and insurance and all these things I take care of and all these people, that $13 [million] will run down. Because that’s just the bills. I still like to live. I’m still a rapper. I still wanna go to nice dinners, fly my girl out, go to see my girl, we still wanna do all these things.”

The rapper then spoke on the importance of doing something productive with your money if you have income just sitting there, saying, “You have to be making money while you’re sleeping. Never just have one source of income. Even if it’s six figures. N***as could be making $200,000 a show, six shows a week, but that still should not be the only bag. And I think it’s so dumb if you just let the money sit in the bank account. That’s dumb.” Watch above.

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