Lil Yachty Gets at People Shaming Him for Flying Commercial

Lil Yachty responded to a fan who filmed him sleeping on a recent flight, claiming that they caught him “lacking.”

Yachty started out by saying, “This is weird as f***. Why do y’all do this? Am I trippin’? I know y’all be thinkin’ I’m tripping right now… Is this not weird?” He then responded to hypothetical criticism of people saying that he should’ve flown private if he didn’t want to be filmed. Yachty then stated, “I was doing private jets since I was 18 or 19. Trust me, I can do a fuckin’ private jet. Why would I spend 10 times the money if I don’t have to? It’s crazy.”

Method Man recently pointed out that a lot of young rappers are flexing on private jets during a sit-down with Math Hoffa, and he questioned where they are getting all of this money. Method Man stated, “They in private jets. I think I earned that sh*t by now.”

He added, “Where are they getting this money? They got a deal or some sh*t? No f*cking way that they flying private all the time. Because that money long as f*ck. You’re talking a minimum of 30 grand round trip.  Where are they getting this money from? Somebody tell me. I wanna know where they are getting that money from. I need that hustle.

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