Lil Xan and Supreme Patty Get Into a Fight at a Florida Club

According to reports, Lil Xan was allegedly blacked out and threw a drink on Supreme Patty. Patty responded by charging towards the rapper before security intervened.

Supreme Patty posted footage of the altercation on Twitter and confirmed that a drink was thrown on him, which led to the altercation.
“Lil Xan is a f****** p**** he threw a drink on me at an event we both got booked at & when I tried confronting him, his security pulled me away. Grow the f*** up,” Supreme Patty wrote.
Lil Xan responded by denying that both men were booked and accused Patty of crashing his table before the fight occurred.
“We both got booked?? Bruhh you came to my event, and pretended like you got booked for it,” Lil Xan tweeted. “Came to my table and tried to drink everyone’s bottles.”
Supreme Patty issued another response and accused Lil Xan or a crewmember of starting the fight. While he also highlighted his efforts at staying away from controversy, he also made it clear that he wasn’t going to tolerate disrespect from the rapper.
“I didn’t just run up on Xan when that all went down last night,” Patty wrote. “Him or someone in his group threw a drink at me in the section, so I obviously f****** got up & tried fighting him. Kid is lame as f***. I’ve been trying to be positive & keep a positive image for over the past year, but regardless of who it is I’m not going to take disrespect from anyone. Especially f****** lil zan.”

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