Lil Nas X Says “F*** Your Kids” to Critics Who Point Out His Young Fan Base

Lil Nas X appeared on The Breakfast Club Thursday to promote his debut album, Montero. During the interview, the controversial artist listed the album’s features and revealed he reached out to Drake and Nicki Minaj.

After claiming he received no response from Nicki Minaj and that Drake was too busy working on Certified Lover Boy, Lil Nas X was asked about his critics referencing his young fan base when they express their issues with his content. He admitted that he used to feel a responsibility to his young fans but has since rejected that notion.

“I feel like I used to [have a responsibility], but now it’s just like, ‘So? Like, f*** your kids,'” he said. “We really get one chance to do this — at least to my knowledge — I don’t know what happens when we die or whatnot. So it’s like, I’m not about to pander to your kids, or you. I even have to do this with my family members, like, because my family members may not always agree with what I’m doing or whoever I’m dating, they may not agree. But, it’s like…I honestly, really, truly wanna live by…this is our life.”

Look above to view Lil Nas X’s full response.

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