Lil Nas X Calls Out Nike for Blocking Sale of “Satan Shoes”

Previously, news surfaced noting that Nike was granted a temporary restraining order against Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes,” which are a take on the Air Max 97, that reportedly was set to feature a single drop of blood on each shoe. Now, the artist has called out Nike after noting he wouldn’t be able to give away the 666th pair as promised.

Via Twitter, Lil Nas X voiced his frustrations, saying “Sorry guys i’m legally not allowed to give the 666th pair away anymore because of the crying nerds on the internet.”

Lil Nas X called out Nike for hindering his freedom of expression, saying “I haven’t been upset until today, i feel like it’s f**ked up they have so much power they can get shoes canceled. freedom of expression gone out the window. but that’s gonna change soon.” In another tweet, he said “People make customs all the time, it’s never been a problem. Nike only stopped the [sale] of the shoe because a powerful group of people pushed them to do so.” Take a look above. (Swipe Images Left or Right)

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