Lil Durk Speaks After Shooting at Dallas Afterparty That Left One Dead

Lil Durk performed at a show in front of a sold-out crowd in Dallas last night, and from there the rapper went to Pryme Night Club to host an afterparty. According to NBC, the event stopped after a shooting that left one person dead and seven people injured.

The cops said a person reportedly fired into the crowd. Because of that, six people were hit with gunshot wounds, and two people discovered to have wounds after going to the hospital. Since then, a video surfaced attempted to clown Durk for having security.

Now, Durk has responded. Via IG, Durk said “Blogs make n***as look like killers out here and be real b**ches don’t believe no stories bout me cause n***as know better in person y’all got the net.” Stay tuned for more updates.

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