Lil Baby Says He’s Spending Millions to Get Friends Out of Jail, Talks Grammys

Lil Baby’s performance of “The Bigger Picture” at the Grammys highlighted social justice and police brutality, including a depiction of the killing of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, who was shot by a police officer in Atlanta after falling asleep in his car in a Wendy’s parking lot.

The day after the performance, Lil Baby reflected on his performance, telling Billboard, “I wanted to use a specific situation that would give people an understanding of where I come from. I didn’t really want to use the George Floyd or Breonna Taylor [killings] or something. I wanted to use something that stood by me. That happened in Atlanta, and I live in Atlanta, and I’ve been in some of those same exact situations.”

QC CEO Pierre “P” Thomas also revealed that they had been planning for the performance since last summer, adding that “Black communities have been dealing with police brutality for generations and I wanted to show the reality.”

Lil Baby went on to speak about the reality for Black people in America, stating, “It’s a never-ending saga for the people who really live in it, but to the world … stuff like that dies down when no one’s talking about it. But me, I’m a person who really has family members who’ve been killed by the police. I really have friends in prison for the rest of their lives for things that they didn’t do. I’m really a part of that outside of music, when I’m not on stage, when I’m at home. That’s my everyday life. I talk to my people in prison, I’m spending millions of dollars on lawyers to get my people out of a messed-up system.”

He closed by saying, “It’s way bigger than just a song to me. It doesn’t die down for me when the world is not rioting or talking about police brutality or the whole problematic system. I’m still thinking about it — it’s still something that I gotta face. I’m still that same guy who could fall asleep in my car one night, and I could wake up to police in front of me. I’ve been in those types of situations, and thank God I never lost my life in any of them.”


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