Lawyer Believes NBA YoungBoy Will Be Hit with RICO Charges

Mohammed Gangat, the lawyer who heavily covered Tekashi 6ix9ine’s case, gave his reaction to NBA YoungBoy’s recent arrest and believes the rapper will face serious charges.

First, Gangat broke down how YoungBoy was arrested by saying the “LAPD and the feds were trying to pull over a car with him in it. That car fled. He then ran out the car, he was hiding in the vicinity. The cops brought in the K-9 unit, they sniffed him out. They arrested him.”

The attorney also pointed out a 2020 incident, when NBA YoungBoy was arrested with over a dozen others for drug charges. According to arrest records at the time, Baton Rouge police were called to an abandoned property in response to reports of a large group brandishing firearms and filming a video. Authorities say two street gangs, Never Broke Again and Bottom Boy Guerillas, were identified in the group.

“What we know is that this is a federal warrant,” Gangat said. “We also know that back last year, YoungBoy along with 14 other people were arrested at a music video shoot. The cops seized a bunch of drugs, a bunch of guns, a bunch of money. Later, YoungBoy’s attorneys went to the cops and said, ‘Can we get that money back?’ And actually, the cops said, ‘We can’t do that, this is evidence in an ongoing federal investigation.'”

Gangat expressed his belief that last year’s arrest contributed to the federal investigation and will help authorities nail NBA YoungBoy on RICO charges.

“Fast forward to now, YoungBoy is arrested by the feds,” he continued. “You put two and two together, what could this be? It could very well be a RICO charge. When he was arrested, he was basically at the seat of the table. He was running the show and around him were the guns, were the money, were gang members who were also being investigated for other crimes, including murders. You can bet that when that’s going on, the feds are going to try to roll you up in a RICO charge. If this is a RICO charge, it’s a big problem, it’s going to be hard to get bail when you flee the scene when there’s a gun in the car. And if you don’t get bail, that means you’re sitting in there fighting charges. We know time and time again a lot of people ain’t about that life.”

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