Las Vegas Landlord Allegedly Killed 2 Tenants, Shot Another over Rent Dispute

According to reports, a Las Vegas landlord is accused of killing two tenants and wounding another over a dispute about unpaid rent.

Arnoldo Sanchez, 78, was taken into custody after barricading himself inside his home following the shootings. Sanchez is faced with two murder charges and an attempted murder charge.

LVMPD Lt. Ray Spencer told reporters the homicide occurred around 12:25 AM near the Strat Hotel and Casino. Police were summoned to the area after multiple gunshots were heard from the residence. When authorities arrived, they found a woman laid out in the driveway suffering a gunshot wound. She was later pronounced dead at the scene. Another man had been shot nine times and was in critical condition but is expected to survive.

When police finally made it inside the home, they found another woman fatally shot.

After arguing unpaid rent, Sanchez, who rented rooms to the three victims, shot all three.

Per Fox 5 Las Vegas:

“Sanchez had become angry about the rent situation several days prior to the shooting. A witness told police that they recommended Sanchez try to evict the tenants, but he reportedly said he would “handle this his way.”

“A boyfriend of one of the victims called police, the report said. He said he was living in the home and saw his girlfriend leave the house before hearing several gunshots. The boyfriend said he saw Sanchez in the hallway shortly after, “smiling and laughing,” the arrest report said.”

“Another male tenant exited his room, and the boyfriend said Sanchez, “told [him] he would not be able to run from him anymore,” the arrest report said. The boyfriend said he saw Sanchez push into the man’s room before hearing several more gunshots.”

Sanchez is scheduled for his first court hearing Wednesday morning.


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