Kyle Rittenhouse Gets Standing Ovation, Threatens to Sue Media Companies

It has been just over one month since Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges relating to the shooting of three men during a protest against police brutality. While his actions were condemned by several pundits on the left, he has become a beacon of hope and justice for their conservation contemporaries. In fact, he’s now being heralded by many as the biggest superstar in the GOP since Donald Trump.

That notion was on full display Monday night when the teenager took the stage at TurningPoint USA’s AmericaFest to a standing ovation. As the 18-year-old made his way through an outlandish display of pyrotechnics, the live audience even chanted his name.

Kyle Rittenhouse addressed the audience in Phoenix with a huge grin and a live address. That night, he was also labeled a hero by Charlie Kirk, the conservative activist who founded Turning Point USA. Afterward, Kyle Rittenhouse made it very clear that he intends to take legal action against the liberal media outlets who openly opposed him during his trial, associating him with racism and mass shootings of the country’s past.

“There’s going to be some media accountability coming soon,” Rittenhouse said.

Kyle Rittenhouses’ official spokesman and attorney has yet to confirm or reveal any future plans for legal action. Stay tuned for developing news on this story.

Source: Washington Post

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