EXCLUSIVE: Kirk Franklin Heard Allegedly Cursing Out Estranged Son in Footage

Recently, Kirk Franklin was heard talking to his son and was heated, noting that he feels his son disrespected him. In the video footage, Frank was heard off the rip calling his estranged son “b***h a**” and also told the 33-year-old, “I will put my foot in your a**.”

According to reports, Franklin’s son tried to come out with news of his father’s alleged ways three years ago, calling him “sneaky” and also saying that his father tried to ”kill him.”

On the caption of a now-deleted post, Franklin’s estranged son said, “This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this.” The son then said he only released a part of the recording, as the rest is “too embarrassing.” Watch the full curse out above.

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