Juicy J Says “There’s Nothing Wrong With Paying A Woman’s Bills”

Juicy J has always been candid about his thoughts on spending money, and now the rapper has taken to Twitter to speak on the idea of what people refer to as “tricking.”

According to Juicy J, there’s nothing wrong with paying a woman’s bills. “There is nothing wrong with paying a woman’s bills we gotta stop this Bulls**t,” the rapper tweeted.

He continued saying, “Mane y’all trippin you MF go to the strip club throw your weekly check then be talking about ‘I’m not paying no B’ man stop it! I’m not telling you to do anything that’s your money you handing off not mine trick on my n***a she’s worth it.” Since firing off the tweets, many have responded to Juicy J and his proclamation. Take a look above.

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