Jim Jones Goes Off on Gucci Employees for Allegedly Ignoring Him

Jim Jones took to Instagram to share his experience shopping at Gucci with his entourage, and he slammed the employees for allegedly ignoring him.

In a video shared on Tuesday (February 8), Jim told viewers that he was taken to the VIP area, but he added that they were left alone for around an hour. He added that they weren’t offered any champagne, and when they asked for assistance, an employee was sent over. However, Jim found the man to be unhelpful.

Jim captioned the video, “And just like tht sh*t went bad in Gucci I was more hurt tht th black people was treating us like tht more thn anything. Very racy and all we wanted was some water sparkling water cause I was parched to be been shoppin for a long time I’m usually drunk by time I leave stores like this cause they be servin tht Champaign smh [face palm emoji].”

He added, “This man literally spent over 100k in there in th last 3 months and this is how they handle him nasty. I told him leave tht Sh*t on th counter we out gucci be movin dusty Lol Sh*t is hilarious it never stops.”

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