Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach Estate Sold For $18M, Funds to Go to Victims

According to reports, Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach estate has sold for $18 million this past week. Once the deal is finalized, victims of Epstein will receive compensation again.

The estate was reportedly one of the locations where Epstein sexually abused young women and minors. The sale of the estates is following the sale of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, which was sold for $51 million. The funds from that sale will reportedly also be transferred to the Victims’ Compensation fund. News of this comes after funds started to run low in February 2021, which caused the payouts to be paused.

Real estate developer Todd Michael Glaser purchased the property and issued a statement on the matter, saying, “Palm beach is going to be very happy that it’s gone.” Stay tuned for more updates.


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