However, without mentioning the reason, White said he and Cosby fell out prior to Cosby’s legal trouble. Despite the fallout, the actor expressed the difficulty in seeing his former mentor in a different light.

“I actually had a bit of a falling out with Mr. Cosby and I kept that to myself,” White said. “I come from a generation where you respect your elders no matter what and it’s a tough thing to process in a generation that says it’s all about what’s young, it’s all about what’s relevant, it’s all about what’s hip. So, knocking off these monuments who are still human beings, it’s tough.”

He continued by speaking on Cosby’s case and said he didn’t want to use the situation “for clout.” However, he made it clear that he thinks Cosby is “paying the appropriate price” for his past actions.

“A revered man did terrible things and he’s paying the price,” White added. “I think that’s where we leave it. A revered man did a terrible thing and he is paying the appropriate price.”

Check out the above clip to hear Jaleel White’s full remarks.