J Prince Speaks Out After Nephew’s Murder, Wishes for ‘Immediate Karma’


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Legendary Houston figure J Prince took to Instagram on Tuesday night and spoke out following the death of his nephew.

While he didn’t go as calling for direct action, J Prince’s message was quite clear. “I wish I could go back to the western days and put a ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE- MILLION DOLLAR REWARD’ on them but that’s illegal, so I won’t do that.”

“To all the real ones in every hood in H-Town, let’s not wait on the police to solve every problem for us,” he continued. “I have NO respect for you n***as around the world that call yourselves gangstas, killing unarmed, innocent people at nightclubs, homes, schools, malls, restaurants, churches or wherever!”

“Real n***as around the world need to come together to deal with these bad apples. I wish immediate karma to all those who intentionally kill innocent people,” J Prince concluded.

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