Island Boys’ Rental Home Raided, Murder Suspect Arrested

The Florida home of the Island Boys was reportedly raided by a SWAT team yesterday in connection with the drive-by shooting of an eight-year-old girl named Ronziyah Atkins. While Alex and Franky Venegas of the Island Boys were not arrested, their associate, Andrew James Thomas, was apprehended for his alleged role in the shooting, which occurred in Belle Glade last Friday.

Police had been looking for Thomas for three days before tracking him down and storming the Island Boys’ residential enclosure. When the police ascended upon the home, the 20-year-old Thomas ran down the hallway in hopes of passing the murder weapon along to Alex Venegas. But when the rapper would not accept the gun, Thomas opted to hide it in the laundry room closet instead.

Thomas was arrested moments later, as the gun was recovered by the police. He was booked for the drive-by shooting, gun possession, and violating probation of a different robbery case.

Although the alleged murderer had been living with the Island Boys at their home in Coral Springs, the rap duo was not involved in the aforementioned crimes of their childhood friend and they are not implicated in the case.

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Source: TMZ

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