Influencer Jay Mazini Accused of Holding Machete to Man’s Neck

Previously, Instagram influencer Jay Mazini was arrested and charged with wire fraud after he allegedly scammed his followers out of $2.5 million in Bitcoin. Now, it has been reported that Mazini allegedly held a machete to a man’s neck who was reportedly tarnishing his name online.

The incident allegedly found Mazini wanting to speak to one of the people throwing dirt on his name. Mazini allegedly picked up the person who was speaking ill of him to “discuss issues of scams.” However, Mazini and two other men allegedly stripped the man naked, “holding a machete to the (his) neck ordering him to remove negative social media postings about (Igbara) or a video of the encounter would be released to social media while threatening to kill him,” according to the filed complaint.

Since then, the social media personality has been charged with making terroristic threats, endangering an injured victim, criminal coercion, possession of a weapon, kidnapping, luring an adult, and aggravated assault. Mazini is currently being held in Bergen County. Stay tuned for more details.


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