Illinois Man Allegedly Beheads His Ex-Girlfriend, She Was 8 Months Pregnant

Last week a grandmother-to-be named Hedi Noel took a break from planning an upcoming baby shower to go visit her daughter, Liese Dodd, at her home in Alton, Illinois. What she discovered upon her arrival was a mother’s worst nightmare. Her daughter, who was eight months pregnant, had been brutally murdered. Her headless torso was found in her apartment and her head was later discovered by cops in a nearby dumpster. Since then, her on-again, off-again, ex-boyfriend Deundrea Holloway (22) has emerged as the primary suspect. Thus, he was subsequentially arrested by the Alton Police Department and charged with murder, and intentional homicide of an unborn child along with a slew of other crimes stemming from the gruesome occurrence. The victim was due to give birth next month. Now, in lieu of planning an emotional baby shower for her daughter, Hedi Noel must now endure the emotional pain of organizing a funeral for Dodd and her unborn child.

“I had just sent out invitations the prior Saturday for the baby shower. We were just excited and gathering the items you need to have a baby,” Noel said. “She wasn’t set on a name yet. [My daughter] said ‘my little bean,’ so, we essentially were calling [him/her], baby bean.”

The disheartening news also struck a chord with the Police Chief of the Alton Police Department, Marcos Pulido, who referred to the primary suspect as a “monster” and “beyond irreprehensible” before stating that Dodd was “savagely, savagely killed,” during a heartfelt video interview, where he fought back tears and held up the victim’s photos.

Deundrea Holloway remains in police custody and his bond has been set at $2 million. There is no word on whether or not he has taken responsibility for the crime or denied involvement, on record. For more details on this case, keep it locked.

Source: MSN

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