Illinois Brothers Claim They Buried Their Mother and Sister in the Backyard

According to reports, two brothers claim they buried their mother and sister in the backyard of their Lyons, Illinois home.

On Thursday, authorities were called to conduct a wellness check and determine why the residents hadn’t used any water in over a year. Police found a house covered in feces and jars of urine, as well as boxes of papers stacked to the ceiling.

“It was multiple liters of urine,” Lyons Police Chief Thomas Herion told the station of the two-story hoarder home. “There were no running toilets. Every room, the front door, the back door were completely barricaded with debris, boxes.”

They claim their mother died in 2015 after being pushed down the stairs by their sister. The brothers also say their sister died in 2019 of COVID-19 despite the virus not being detected until 2020.

“The well-being check has led to a detailed investigation being conducted by the Lyons Police Department and various law enforcement agencies,” authorities said. “The investigation may not conclude for multiple days and we ask all residents respectfully allow the investigation to be conducted with no interruption.”


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