HS Basketball Coach Reportedly Killed in Shootout with Mexican Drug Cartel

According to reports, a North Carolina high school basketball coach was fatally shot while attempting to rob the home of a Mexican drug cartel member alongside his brother-in-law.

Authorities say Barney Harris and his brother-in-law Steven Alexander Stewart were tracking the movements of the Sinaloa New Generation Cartel to pinpoint the location of cartel stash houses. The men located one of the apparent stash houses and set out to rob it of money and drugs during the wee hours of April 8.

Upon arrival, Harris, and Stewart were confronted by an 18-year-old cartel member, Alonso Beltran Lara, whom the pair executed after refusing to reveal where the drugs and money were hidden. Soon after, other members of the cartel arrived, and a gunfight ensued.

Harris’s body was found in one of the bedrooms riddled with bullet wounds. He was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time but the cartel’s high caliber artillery pierced through Harris’s protective armor.

The school where Harris coached basketball and taught Spanish initially had a page on the website in memoriam of him. However, that page has since been removed after the circumstances surrounding Harris’s death were revealed.

Source: thedailybeast.com

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