Horrific pileup kills at least 3, creates war zone on Pennsylvania highway

A massive pileup on a snowy stretch of Pennsylvania highway Monday left at least three people dead and almost resembled something out of a war — with explosions, flames and drivers standing on the road fleeing more skidding cars, according to reports.

Black clouds of smoke and the sound of explosions filled the sky after the massive, deadly crash involving at least two dozen vehicles, including more than five trucks, on the rural section of Interstate 81 in Schuylkill County around 11 a.m.

At least three people died in the pile-up, according to local WKOK radio.

The horrific scene unfolded amid a dangerous mix of snow and fog that left drivers with virtually no visibility, and the crash closed down all lanes between three exits of the highway, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said on Twitter.

Oncoming traffic doesn’t stop amid the mayhem, and a driver was almost hit by another car after getting out of his own damaged vehicle, according to the video.

Moye’s footage also shows an elderly person with a cane standing on the side of the road in the blizzard.

The footage included at least one truck that appeared to be carrying oil or fuel on fire, too

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