Handcuffed Inmate at Rikers Island Reportedly Steals Bus Full of Prisoners

Rikers Island has reportedly been facing many issues, as there has been a massive lack of correctional officers in the facility, which has led to a spike in prison violence. Now, an incident has gone down where an inmate on Rikers Island who was handcuffed reportedly stole a bus with many prisoners on board.

Reports noted that 29-year-old Abubakar Sanuwo was one of numerous inmates left on a bus by themselves when he decided to hop in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and drive off. The inmate ultimately crashed into a wall at the Anna Kross Center, where inmates are held after taking off.

Sources from the jail say two correction officers reportedly left the bus running while they dipped to get paperwork when the incident happened around 8:20 pm. It was noted that Sanuwo, who was serving time for robbery charges, was front cuffed, which is how he was able to drive. News of this incident comes after it was reported that 10 inmates have died at Rikers so far this year. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: NY Post

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