“This case shows that the Justice Department will be relentless in our efforts to track down anyone who kidnaps a U.S. citizen abroad,” said Garland in a statement revealed by the Department of Justice. “We will utilize the full reach of our law enforcement authorities to hold accountable anyone responsible for undermining the safety of Americans anywhere in the world.”

According to reports, a dozen of people that the 400 Mawozo gang captured managed to escape the clutches of their captors before eventually reaching freedom. In the end, the terrifying incident worked out favorably for the victims and the Justice Department back in the U.S. as they were able to bring the man responsible for the horrific occurrence to justice once and for all.

“This indictment is a step towards achieving justice for the victims who were volunteering their services in Haiti when they were kidnapped and held for weeks on end,” said U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves for the District of Columbia. “Along with our law enforcement partners, we are committed to holding accountable those who carry out acts of violence against Americans abroad to further their own aims.”

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