Gunman Who Killed Golf Pro in Atlanta Had Two Dead Bodies in Pickup Truck

According to reports, the gunman who killed 41-year-old golf pro Gene Siller at a golf course in Atlanta over the weekend was found to have two other dead bodies in his pickup truck.

Police say the gunman drove onto the golf course on Saturday in his Dodge Ram and shot Siller dead before fleeing the scene. When police finally caught the suspect, they discovered the two bodies of men he’d already slain.

“Both males suffered apparent gunshot wounds,” Cobb County Police Officer Shenise Barner told the newspaper. “One of the males was identified as Paul Pierson, the registered owner of the Ram 3500. The other male has not yet been identified but is believed to be of a Hispanic race.”

Authorities have yet to disclose the possible motive behind the killings.


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