Gunman Stoned to Death After Killing 1, Injuring 3 Others at a Party

A gunman was stoned to death after shooting multiple people at a party Monday morning. Police arrived at a party in Fort Worth, Texas, shortly before 1 A.M. after a shooting that resulted in two deaths and multiple injuries.

During the party, a fight broke out which led to one man shooting three people and killing one. The victims reportedly knew each other. One of the surviving victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries while the other was listed in critical condition.

Other partygoers defended themselves by pelting the shooter with stones from the garden and killing the gunman. An autopsy will be performed on the unidentified gunman, but it is believed he was stoned to death. Police say he was chased out of the party and “struck multiple times with at least one landscaping brick.”

According to law enforcement, the gunman became upset at the party and left before returning with another person. The shooter became involved in a verbal altercation upon his return and shot one of the attendees. Others gave chase to the gunman as the shooter started firing at the rest of the party.

When the shooter was caught by the group, after falling or being taken down, he continued to shoot and struck two more victims before getting attacked with a landscaping brick. A handgun believed to be the one used by the shooter was recovered by crime scene personnel.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram

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