Gunman Caught on Surveillance Shooting Into Queens Apartment

A man was caught on surveillance shooting into an apartment building in Jackson Heights, Queens on Sunday (March 14) morning around 4 am. It was revealed that two women, ages 23 and 25, and a 20-year-old man were inside at the time.

The shooter fired two shots into the building, which is near 91st Street and 35th Avenue, piercing a window and becoming lodged in the ceiling of an apartment. The other bullet hit the outside of the building and no one was hurt.

A building resident who knows the people living in the apartment says he’s unsure why someone would shoot at them, telling the New York Post, “I can’t understand who would do something like that to them. I spoke to the son. He told me what happened. I told him, ‘Stay away from the window and be careful.'”

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