(GRAPHIC) Video Shows Man Get Attacked with a Hatchet at NY ATM

A 51-year-old man was attacked with a hatchet on Sunday while visiting a Chase ATM in Lower Manhattan.

Security footage shows the victim at an ATM when a masked man walks inside with a backpack before setting it down and removing a hatchet. The suspect briefly paces behind the victim before striking him with the hatchet. The victim tries to fight off and avoid the hatchet strikes, but is hit multiple times.

Bloodied as a result of the attack, the man finally manages to avoid further blows by grabbing the attacker’s hatchet and managing to flee the scene. After the victim escapes, the suspect vandalizes the ATMs before dropping the hatchet and walking away.

The victim was listed in stable condition after receiving treatment at a hospital. Police are still searching for the attacker.

Source: NY Post

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