(GRAPHIC) Ring Camera Shows Man Shooting Intruder in Self Defense

A viral Ring surveillance clip showed an unidentified male shoot a masked intruder as the suspect attempted to draw his gun.

According to the footage, the incident occurred Sunday afternoon. In the above clip, the man is armed and carrying a plastic bag as he starts using his keys to unlock the door. Two men are heard speaking to each other as the man opens the door.

“Let’s go in there,” one of the suspects is heard saying.

The man pauses before entering the resident after hearing the suspects speaking to each other and turns away from the door while reaching for his gun. When one of the intruders appears and is spotted by the resident, the intruder tries reaching for his firearm before the resident shoots him, and the clip cuts.

Despite the clip circulating across the internet and social media, few details are known about the incident. As of now, the location and motive are unknown. It is also unknown if the alleged intruder was fatally wounded and who his accomplice was.

Stay tuned as more details become available.

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