Grandfather Gets Life For Sexually Assaulting 3 Generations in Family

A Georgia man named Bennie Frank Johnson was sentenced to two life terms in prison, plus an additional five years after being found guilty of raping and molesting three generations of females he had family ties to. The ruling was handed down by a Cobb County judge who determined that the 66-year-old assailant had sexually violated an eight-year-old, the child’s mother, and his former stepdaughter.

Johnson was initially arrested for his transgressions back in 2018 after he sexually assaulted the eight-year-old. This caused the victim’s mother to tell investigators that she too had been molested by Johnson when she was a young child. During Johnson’s trial, another witness testified that she was raped by him while he was married to her mother.

“This is the beginning of breaking generational curses for my family,” said the mother of the eight-year-old victim after Johnson’s sentencing on Monday.

Johnson has been held without bail since his arrest. Scroll up to view more information on Johnson’s charges and booking information.

Source: NY Post

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