GoFundMe Freezes $200K After BabySitter Lied About being Mom Facing Eviction

A Las Vegas woman named Dasha Kelly recently appeared on CNN with three children and claimed that they were facing eviction. This led to donations pouring in on GoFundMe, which ended with over $200,000 raised after she initially requested $1,900. The GoFundMe stated, “My name is Kelly and I have 3 daughters in Nevada. We were maintaining just before this pandemic hit. Now we are suffering … Please help with anything you can.”

CNN got in touch with Kelly after her initial story generated a lot of interest, and she was overwhelmed with the generosity of people donating money. After a woman named Shadia Halo claimed she is the biological mother of the three girls sitting next to Kelly in the CNN interview, Kelly clarified to CNN’s Nick Watt that she is their babysitter.

Watt added, “And yes, Shadia Halo is their mother. We have seen the birth certificates. And now we know that Dasha Kelly is dating the girls’ father.” Halo was upset over Kelly seemingly claiming to be the girls’ mother, and Kelly clarified to CNN that she described herself as their mother because she sees herself as a maternal figure in the children’s lives.

A GoFundMe spokesperson told CNN that the funds raised by Kelly will remain on hold until her information is verified and that no amount had been withdrawn. The spokesperson added that anyone who donated can request a refund.

Dasha also addressed the controversy on GoFundMe, writing, “I’ve been contacted with some concerns around my relationship to the girls mentioned on my fundraiser, and I’d like to clarify a couple things. The girls recognize me as a mother figure in their lives, but I am not their biological mother. My partner is the children’s father whom I do not live with, and I take care of these girls in my home for periods of time, and have for the last couple years. I’ve loved these girls unconditionally, and have been out of the kindness of my heart. I treat them as my daughters, and care for them in this way.

“This detail doesn’t change my original need for donations to avoid eviction, and I will be using the funds to get back on my feet and support my family. As mentioned in my last update, I will also be putting money aside for the girls in a savings account.”

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