Glamorous heiress, 45, charged with having sex with 14-year-old boy four times in one day

An Australian horse heiress is saddled with charges after being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy four times in a single day.

Savannah Daisley, 45, faced Waverley Local Court in Sydney on Tuesday on child sex abuse allegations, with Judge Jaqueline Milledge denying her bail over the “quite disturbing” allegations.

The glamorous mother of two, who is the daughter of famed Aussie horse breeder Ross Daisley, strongly denies the accusations and intends to plead not guilty.

Cops claim an unbridled Daisley molested the minor four times before 5 p.m. on May 20 last year. It’s unclear whether the pair were known to each other prior to the alleged acts.

Daisley’s defense lawyer cried neigh — arguing that the accusations against his socialite client were made “in spite,” and that it was an “oath vs. oath” case.

However, prosecutor Daniel Richardson claims evidence, straight from the horse’s mouth, exists: He said a police officer told him about a recording of a tawdry phone call made by the heiress, in which she allegedly admits to kissing the teen.

Daisley’s Instagram account has been deleted, but a screenshot of a recent post, obtained by, features a caption penned by the heiress revealing she was 223 days sober. The post also reveals that she had “walked away from her partner of 8 years.”

Daisley is a trained naturopath who founded the business Smart Cleanse, which offers various 14-day detox plans.

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