Giant Lizard Raids Thailand Supermarket due to food shortage

A massive Asian water monitor terrified shoppers after going on a “King of the Monsters”-esque rampage through a 7-Eleven in Bangkok, Thailand. The original video tweet of the incident racked up nearly a million views before it was deleted.

The frightful clip, which has been reposted to Facebook, shows the monster reptile scaling a shelf of milk, knocking off cartons and causing onlookers to cry out in shock.

“The shelves are ruined! Oh my God,” a voice can be heard exclaiming about the reptilian interloper which, at up to 8-feet long, is the world’s second largest lizard after the Komodo dragon, according to Everything Reptiles.

The clip concludes with the water monitor resting atop the shelf, near the ceiling, while bystanders guffaw in the background.

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