Gervonta Davis Involved in Minor Plane Crash, Shows Aftermath of Crash

Recently, boxer Gervonta Davis just revealed that he was involved in a plane crash, one that he was able to walk away from. The boxer noted that his behind and feet were the things that hurt him the most in the minor crash.

Davis took to social media and went live on Instagram to show the aftermath of the plane crash, as he showed a private jet sitting sideways in the distance. Davis noted the plane failed to take off properly and crash-landed down the airport grounds the aircraft was trying to depart from.

While it appears that Davis isn’t harmed too much, the boxer noted that his behind was “on fire.” Along with that, the boxer could be seen showing off his feet, which were wrapped in gauze. It isn’t clear what caused the plane to go down, but Gervonta and his team can be heard talking about what they think caused the scenario. Watch above.

source: TMZ

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