Georgia Gov. Signs Controversial Election Bill Restricting Voting Access

According to reports, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a highly controversial bill into law, which many describe as “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“With Senate bill 202, Georgia will take another step toward ensuring our elections are secure, accessible, and fair,” said Kemp on Thursday. NPR reports that the new legislation “enacts new limitations on mail-in voting, expands most voters’ access to in-person early voting and caps a months-long battle over voting in a battleground state.”

The passage and formal signing of the bill into law raised eyebrows for many in already in the system. “This so-called Election Intergrity Act of 2021 is lacking one major thing – Integrity,” said state Rep. Carolyn Hugley tweeted on Thursday. “Let’s be clear #SB202 is a partisan power grab in response to an electoral defeat in the 2020 election cycle where Black & Brown Georgians made their voices heard & their power known. We will not stand idly by & watch Jim Crow 2.0 roll back the clock on our new Georgia.”

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