George Floyd Mural in Houston Vandalized With Racist Slur

According to reports, a mural dedicated to the life of George Floyd in Houston was vandalized this past Thursday with graffiti that featured a racist slur. The incident only comes days after the verdict announcement for Derek Chauvin, the former cop who placed a knee on the neck of Floyd, resulting in his death.

The mural was hit with red spray paint, with the tag saying “N****r lives don’t matter across the face of the late Floyd. Since then, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner has responded to the incident. “There’s people with bad hearts and bad motivation, don’t give them the power. Here in Houston, we’re gonna stick together,” Finner said during a press conference that took place this past Thursday.

He continued saying “I’m upset about it as well, but you know what? Let ‘em do it again, let ‘em get caught Let me tell you something, and I want everybody to understand: ignorant people with bad hearts and bad motivations — do not give them the power. Don’t give them the power.” Since the incident, the mural was restored by the artist who created the original piece—Daniel Anguilu. It was noted that police are looking for the suspect in the incident. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: Yahoo

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