Frontier Passenger Taped to Seat After Touching 2 Flight Attendant’s Breast

Footage recently surfaced of a passenger on an American Airlines flight being duct-taped after they tried to forcefully open the door to the aircraft while it was in motion. Along with that, the passenger reportedly tried to harm flight attendants. Now, a similar incident has gone down on a Frontier flight, with a man being duct-taped to a chair on a flight after allegedly touching multiple flight attendants’ breasts.

Viral footage that appeared online showed a man on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami facing the aftermath of touching flight attendants inappropriately. 22-year-old Max Berry can be seen screaming at people on the flight, yelling out his parents are worth $2 million, before firing off a punch at a flight attendant. As a result, Berry was restrained and duct-taped to a seat located in his row.

However, the flight attendants involved in the incident were suspended because they reportedly did not follow the proper procedure. Following the restraint of Berry, he was taken by law enforcement after the flight arrived in Miami. The 22-year-old is reportedly still in custody. Watch above.

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