Former “Making the Band” Artist “Chopper” Arrested for Sex Trafficking

According to TMZ, Kevin “Chopper” Barnes of Da Band, the group formed on Diddy’s “Making The Band,’ was arrested earlier this month on sex trafficking charges in Maryland. Barnes is being extradited to Las Vegas, where the charges stand.

The charges stem from an interaction Barnes had with an undercover vice detective in Nevada posing as a sex worker. The detective claims Barnes messaged them with a proposition to make money through prostitution.

Investigators then looked at Barnes’ social media pages, where they found several references to prostitution and pimping that made them question whether Barnes was running a potential sex trafficking operation. There was further evidence of an operation made when Barnes spoke to the undercover agent on the phone, where he reportedly spoke about making them part of his “stable.”

The agent also stated that Barnes became aggressive on the phone and ordered them to pack their things and meet him in Charlotte to join his “stable.” When the agent told them they were scared, they allege that Barnes demanded that they get on the flight, and also pay a $2,000 fee. With the evidence gathered against Barnes, authorities felt they could arrest and charge him with felony sex trafficking.

Source: TMZ

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