Footage Allegedly Shows Fight Involving Drakeo the Ruler Before Fatal Stabbing

Over the weekend, the tragic news broke of Drakeo the Ruler being fatally stabbed at the Once Upon a Time in L.A. music festival, which was confirmed by Scott Jawson, a publicist who worked with Drakeo. Jawson told CNN, “I can confirm his passing but am in shock and unable to share any further details at this time. I’ll be releasing a statement from his family as soon as we’re able.”

Amid the news of Drakeo’s death, a video has been floating around on social media, which allegedly shows a fight involving the “Talk to Me” artist. The video shows a large number of people fighting before some people in the group run out via a gate separating the backstage area from the general crowd.

Following the news of Drakeo’s death, celebrities shared their condolences online, including Drake, who wrote on his Instagram Stories, “Nah man this sh*t isn’t right for real wtf are we doing. Always picked my spirit up with your energy RIP Drakeo Crossed fingers.”

Jim Jones added, “Rip to this brother Drakeo this is sad, to all rappers I urge u to protect urself start to move tactical. Preservation of life is everything they do not value our lives anymore we are targeted. They know who we are cause of our fame but we don’t know who they are because of our fame. I pray everyday I make it home to my family because it’s tht serious out here for us. Feels like we lost a rapper every week this year.”

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