Foogiano Says He’s Going to “Slap The S**t” Out of Trey Songz After His Release

>Previously, it was reported that Gucci Mane’s artist Foogiano was arrested after being on the run. The rapper reportedly removed his court-ordered ankle monitor and fled for two weeks. Since then, he was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice without a warrant. Now, the rapper is back in the news after he issued some words to Trey Songz.

While the words towards the singer may seem random, it was noted that the singer posted a photo of Foogiano’s girlfriend on his IG story, which may have led to the issue. Trey Songz was just bringing awareness to the female rappers he rocks with, but Foogiano wasn’t here for it.

In footage that surfaced from a jail call, Foogiano can be seen addressing Trey Songz, calling the singer a b***h. He also said he better have a lot of security with him when he sees him, as he is going to “slap the s**t” out of him when they cross each other’s path. Watch above.

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