Florida woman spiked boyfriend’s lemonade because he wouldn’t shut up

A sinister Florida woman admitted to poisoning her longtime boyfriend by spiking his lemonade with antipsychotic medication — because he wouldn’t stop talking, sheriff’s officials said.

Alvis Lorraine Parrish, 54, yelled to deputies last week from the front porch of her Jacksonville home, flatly confessing to lacing her partner’s drink with Seroquel, according to an arrest report obtained by Action News Jax.

“Yeah, I did it … because he wouldn’t shut the f–k up,” Parrish said, adding that she called authorities after giving the man just enough of the drug to quiet him down but less than a lethal amount.

Parrish then vowed to kill the man as she was taken into custody, according to the arrest report.

Source: JaxNews

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